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Bridesmaid Clear Rhinestone Iron on Hotfix Transfer Bling DIY

9 August 2018 2 Comments

* Great deal- get all you need for your wedding party!

* High quality sparkly rhinestones, each are inspected for great results


1.Preheat the iron to cotton setting (about 300 F degrees), no steam
2.Place transfer face down on a flat surface and carefully lift the white backing from the design. The stones should stick to the clear plastic sheet- if any stones shifted during transfer, carefully reposition them with your fingers or a tweezer. Once they’re heated, they’re easy to move until they cool.
3.Place the clear transfer onto the fabric.
4.Place the iron directly on top of the transfer and apply steady pressure for 20 seconds or longer until the beads are completely attached to the fabric.
5.Allow transfer to cool. Peel off the clear transfer.

Laundry: Wash the fabric inside out and NO hot air dryer.

Product Features

  • ? Crystals text “Bride. Bridesmaid. Maid of Honour.” Crystal measurements vary among different patterns. Crystals are applied with iron ons.
  • ? Bride 10×3″/ Maid of Honor 8×4″ / Bridesmaid 8.5×1.5″
  • ? A great deal and a fun idea for a bridal party. The RHINESTONE is sparkly. You can buy this as a gift for bride to be, or your own bridal party.
  • ? Put these on bathrobes for a fun bachelorette spa weekend, onto tote bags, shirts, dresses, etc.
  • ? The bling rhinestone will look great on dark color t shirts.

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  • Jenn said:

    Super cute with sparkle for the bride

  • Elaina winner said:

    Arrived with a yellow stain on the back.