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Embossed Soap Bars

24 January 2020 4 Comments

With a nod to Kylie Lambert’s insanely gorgeous embossed cupcakes (http://www.flickr.com/photos/lecupcake/245276637/in/set-72157594316660924/), these guest sized bars are my newest option for bridal shower and wedding favors. They also would make great soaps for a guest bathroom or gift basket. Each one is 2′ x 2" square, about 1/2" thick and is embossed with a beautiful lacey design. No two are the same.


  • Stephanie Perkinson said:

    you are THE soap master! I don’t think I could be trusted with your soaps. I’m not sure I could resist the urge to bite them! =)

  • *bossacafez said:

    very beautiful indeed! you’re so talented! are these lavender flavored…i meant scented? :p

  • soapylovedeb said:

    Thank you! This batch was not scented because it was an experiment with the technique, but they turned out well enough to use for photos. All orders will be "made to order" on this style, so I can do practically any color and there are many fragrance options!

    Bossacafez – I have a request to do some soaps inspired by Macarons, so I’m referring to your gorgeous photo library for inspiration! 🙂

  • *bossacafez said:

    oh! macaron soaps….i cant wait to see them!!!! thanks for referring to my photos for inspiration. im truly flattered!