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20140614 – wedding – Rick, Tom, ___ (RIP), Clint, Carolyn, Michelle – 14677308358_6e3c9e08c5_o

4 March 2020 One Comment

At least there was food to redeem the gas money. And boy do we look nice 🙂

At least we were seated at a table where we knew everyone except for one guy. The guy was apparently an ex-boyfriend of Ace’s who was a long-time family friend. He then died a few months later (we were told cause of death was from complications from being an alcoholic), which is sad.

Carolyn, Clint, Michelle, Rick, Tom.
sitting, smiling.
group picture.

Rockville, Maryland.

June 14, 2014.
Pic by Putz.
Originally posted at flickr.com/photo.gne?id=4677308358

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BACKSTORY: JSun had a wedding, where I was originally selected (without even asking me) to be a groomsman. I was quite correct to back out of this. Let’s see: He physically threatened because I made a joke on facebook he would not have liked me to have told to family members. (Of course he erased his comment afterward, so nobody could see it.) And then his wife wouldn’t dare step foot in our house after judging it "too dirty" after coming to ONE party (she actually looked scared to step more than 3 feet into the house, never leaving the front room–what a judgmental bitch). Why should I be in a ceremony of someone who insults me? And then we found out they eloped and it wasn’t a real wedding anyway — for an atheist like me, the legal component is the most important part, and that wasn’t even happening!

And then the fact that the wedding was a huge exercise in cruelty to animals, shipping a bunch of butterflies holocaust-style in boxes, with a delivery promise of "only 1% dying". I had to deal with a girl crying the entire ceremony because she was convinced she had a dead butterfly in her box. It might have made sense if it was a heavy-metal/brutality-themed wedding, but it was supposed to be some peaceful buddhist bullshit.

So after the wedding, Jsun acted like a total shit and stopped being friends with us — once he started drinking again & came back from deployment. He whined a lot that "nobody can get a tux fit in 5 weeks", and that I shouldn’t have backed out "so close" to the wedding (5 weeks? really?). I found out I was just human furniture — they had a specific number of bridesmaids who wanted in, so they needed a matching number of groosman for symmetry purposes. (They ended up using a family member.)

I regret ever spending time with him or sticking up for him against his many detractors, all of whom were correct. I mean, there were people who would ask me if he was coming over, and if he was, they wouldn’t. I should have listened to them. I now listen to other people’s anti-vouches for people a lot more closely, becuase he was anti-vouched many times, and I ignored the warnings. I was against peer pressure when it was used fallaciously against me in elementary/middle/high school, but I see that it’s not devoid of value–I should have listened to *everybody*.

And oh, his music sucks, is just techno-masturbation with more pretentious spiritualty, and he uses EVERY possible opportunity for self-aggrandizement to further promote himself, like every vapid scenester and annoying promoter anybody’s ever known–but to the extreme. He actually got mad and posted huge whinings when Facebook wouldn’t let him go through his entire friend-list, manually @mentioning each and every person to force a notification for every friend on his list. Nevermind that people have already made their decision as to which feeds to follow and which ones not to. Anyone who read his page already saw him post the same link to the same music *over and over*, and anyone who was sick of that would have already unfollowed him from their feed. It didn’t matter if you unfollowed him. You are going to see every post he wants, even if he has to spend 45 minutes desperately typing each name out on his friend list. Facebook is right to stop that kind of spammy behavior. The feed is not for the user to control, not for "Jsun" to control.

And oh, he was also one of those people that won’t let you state your own opinion on your own page. His disagreement will be taken to wherever you are, and you cannot escape it. I stopped disagreeing with him on his page because I was sick of his b.s., and simply unfollowed him. Did that bring me peace? No. He would come to MY page and argue about things. Yet another person who doesn’t understand the concept of backing off when asked to.

When I posted about free housing for the homeless? 100 comments resisting it as a bad idea (militaristic authoritarians want to judge who deserves help, and don’t believe in freely giving it out, no matter how much of a pretend-buddhist they may want to be). When I posted about a charity for a hospital costs incurred by a bullying victim who had tried to hang himself — again, 100 comments resisting that it was not real. It was. His name was Michael Morones. Look him up.

Beware of Buddhists, especially those in the Military. They’re trying to compensate for the fact that they are actually warmongers, by pretending to be in a religion of peace. The last 2 friends to physically threaten me were both Buddhists. Most Buddhists I’ve met are pretentious and full of shit. At least, the outspoken ones. And the ones in the military. Phew. American military has had about 20M people serve since WW2, and created about 20M deaths since WW2. If you serve, your part in that is one murder, whether or not you pulled a trigger. You are collectively part of a machine that creates violence. And no, nothing our military has done since WW2 has stopped a damn thing on American soil. It’s all about global interests and keeping costs low. GFY.

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