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Fretless bass

14 December 2019 3 Comments

There’s this good friend of mine I’ve known since he was born. I was a groomsman in his wedding and after college he became a schoolteacher, and just this year also joined the national guard. It’s been really great watching him grow up and seeing him become the man he is today. Anyway, years ago I built my own guitar because I couldn’t afford the one I wanted and it more or less turned out well, and after I loaned it to Andrew a few times he bought the stuff to do his own five-string fretless bass (he’s a classically trained cellist). He never got very far with it and was so discouraged it was never finished (that was a decade ago). So a few months ago when he returned from basic training he asked if I’d consider finishing it for him, offering to pay me, but I love this kid like a brother so of course I won’t charge him. He was almost ready to throw away the mahogany body and buy another piece of wood but I insisted that we try to rescue it. This is the result.


  • Mister Blur said:

    A piece of art
    Beautiful story

  • RaminN said:

    It’s gorgeous! Beautifully photographed Scott!

  • Ian Sane said:

    "Fret Not"! You have rebuilt it! =)

    Seriously, you do good work, sir! Very nice of you not to charge him, too.