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36″ Confetti Balloons Jumbo Latex Balloon Paper Balloons Crepe Paper Filled with Multicolor Confetti for Wedding or Party Decorative (5 Pcs)

16 July 2017 3 Comments

Why turn to plain old balloons to dress up a birthday party, bridal shower, or graduation party ? These Bright Confetti Balloons are infinitely more fun!

An inspired spin on a decorating staple, these clear latex balloons come with a packet of confetti that adds a spray of bright color to them once inflated. Simply assemble the included funnel to pour a pinch of confetti into each balloon before it’s blown up.

Then, inflate with air or 100% helium, and rub balloons on a carpet or other static surface to get confetti to stick to the sides. Let these confetti-filled balloons float to the ceiling, tie them with tasseled string for extra flair, or bunch them together to create an eye-catching balloon bouquet or table centerpiece.

Use these Confetti balloons as an accent to any party theme or color scheme.It would really make the party outstanding,attractive,and more fun to everybody,You can make any design or style of decoration with this Confetti latex balloons.these Confetti balloons are sure to shine!

Warranty: If the balloons do not meet your need, please contact us , we will resolve your issues soon as possible . We apply high quality but lower price balloon in Amazon

Product Features

  • Fun for a New Years Eve party, kids birthday party, gender neutral baby shower, or summer party. It’s a nice choice of decorations and will add happy atmosphere to any event you may have.
  • You will get 5 High Quality latex 36 inches balloons and 5 bag of colorful confetti (about 50 gram) . Please fill balloons with sprinkle of tissue confetti before inflating,
  • The maximum size after inflating is 90cm , more bigger more round after blowing . And you will get a colorful shower after blast the jumbo balloon.
  • TIPS 1 :Please turn your helium tank or electric balloon pump to the maximum volume and blow to the tissue paper. You till get a rainbow tornado in the clear bubble. The big wind can make confetti papers separated.
  • TIPS 2: Please rub gently with carpet, silk, hair(best way) and roll the balloons.Static electricity is a good friend to help you made the confetti stick to sides of the balloon. Then, you will get a balloon like picture!

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  • A. Smith said:

    Not worth it and double your money

  • Amazon Customer said:

    Better for indoor use during the day.

  • ã??Nina said:

    I really like those balloons which are so pretty