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Wedding Day

25 June 2019 6 Comments


  • brentdanley said:

    Excellent shot, Brian. Very nice.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  • makelessnoise said:

    Thanks, Brent. Wedding #5 under my belt. I have a new appreciation for folks who do it for a living.

  • Mom of the Toot said:

    It’s beautiful, hon. Great job.

  • ambitious guitar said:

    If you ever want to quit your day job, you could seriously have a second career doing this. My sister LOVES her pictures!

  • makelessnoise said:

    🙂 I’m thrilled to hear it! Thank you!

  • Scott Ingram Photography said:

    Nice shot. The first few weddings are exciting aren’t they. I just made the transition over to shooting people and it’s great. I shoot my 3rd wedding here on the 5th of October and am looking forward to it.

    I found you via your mod for the wireless flash triggers. Just bought a pair today, hope they work well!

    Best of luck to ya and congrats on the great shots.