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In the Warm California Sun

11 July 2019 29 Comments

Please be honest with me… how do these colors look on your monitor? I’ve been struggling with some prints for a family portrait shoot that I did as a favor for some friends, and after spending all night working with my monitor colors and levels I think I’ve gotten to where it looks pretty close to what I’m printing… yellows, greens and blues seem to be giving me the most trouble for whatever reason. Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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  • ashleyinwonderl?nd said:


  • Disney-Grandpa said:

    Wonderful !

  • Jeremy Caesar said:

    Dude nice.

    Seriously miss Disneyland. Going in a month!

  • Sharon Pire said:

    Looks good to me, the gold looks gold and the yellows are good too. Nothing off at all to me 🙂

  • Peter E. Lee said:

    Color choices are very subjective, of course, and I can’t see what your prints look like to compare with. Personally I think it looks lovely, though it would be interesting to see the flowers with a little less orange, and perhaps lighten them a bit relative to the background.

    BTW, if you want a relatively cheap way to calibrate your monitor you can get a Spyder2 Express for $65 on Amazon. I bought one a couple of years ago and it made a huge difference.

  • Cory Disbrow said:

    The yellows are absolutely perfect on my screen. Great capture and DOF, by the way.

  • IceNineJon said:

    I’m on a Mac with a Cinema Display. They look spot on to me.

  • Scott Barlow said:

    Beautiful colors!

  • El Justy said:

    great dof joe, nicely done

  • JWGPhotography said:

    Nice shot Joe. Love the "sun" bokeh!

    as for the colors – the look pretty good on my monitor – deep yellow and green – softer blue in sky – like it

  • JWGPhotography said:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called I FlickR therefore I AM, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  • Cass n Dan said:

    This is very good 🙂

  • David.Stewart said:

    We use Eye-One Display 2 to calibrate our monitors at work, but someone has lost the disc so i can’t calibrate my home monitor so if my uploads have a cast or appear a bit light then i’m blaming my screen!

  • Scott9432 said:

    Excellent bokeh in the background! And I love the flowers focused in the foreground! Excellent shot! Well Done!

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  • JannaPham said:

    Lovely California sun!

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  • Matt Pasant said:

    Looks spot on from here.

  • synonymous cattle said:

    lovely yellow!

  • level sound said:

    The yellow looks a little dull. There’s no "pop" to it. As far as the color itself, it looks yellow. Spot on, there – but just lacks intensity and brightness.

  • Jeff_B. said:

    Fantastic shot. I love the shallow DOF here. Everything looks good to me.

  • Kiki FL said:

    It looks fine for me, but if you want to calibrate your monitor properly you can’t do it by hand. You need to use calibration software like Pantone ColorVision Spyder. That’s the only way you’ll ever have a properly calibrated monitor. It’s not that expensive and absolutely essential if you are creating prints.

    Color management is a mysterious and elusive entity…

  • Burnsland said:

    Looks like a beautiful yellow to me. Nicely complimented (complemented?) by the sunlight on the golden sun in the background.

  • YHelenaY said:

    Awesome Creative Image!

    Seen in, I Flickr therefore I AM

  • redundant aftermath said:

    Colors look good to me. Like the creative use of DOF. Nice idea. Kind of brings a nice warm feel. One last picture of summer before it gets cold.

  • joelle.merinsky said:


  • DigitalSLG said:

    Awesome shot & the colors look perfect on my screen.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  • Tom.Bricker said:

    The yellows look yellow (if not a little yellow-grey but that’s due to the following…), but the flowers overall look flat. I know you’re normally big on contrast and blacks, and this shot seems to be missing that, and the flowers seem underexposed. The rest of the shot looks spot-on. The idea is awesome, too. This monitor thing really has been giving you a hard time, hasn’t it?!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  • Express Monorail said:

    Thanks all for the feedback. I just purchased a monitor calibrator (thanks Peter). Hopefully I’ll fix this issue I’m having. I find myself dragging the gamma, brightness and contrast on the monitor almost all the way down to get it to look like the prints I’m printing. I’m saving the jpegs in sRGB and printing on a photo paper that has an ICC profile built in to the printer, so the printer, I’m assuming, should be fairly accurate. I just don’t know enough about this color space stuff – it’s so freakin confusing!

  • DugJAX said:

    Looks good and yellow to me. This might be a hard shot to judge by though because of the shiny gold icon in the background. Kicking up the yellow saturation much more would have likely overdone the gold portion.
    Rocking shot…love the compo!

  • bright hope said:

    Looks great on my mac…..we are always more critical of our work 🙂