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Wedding Cookies

27 January 2020 5 Comments

Set of wedding cookies. Bride & groom are planning to make big favor tree at wedding courtyard. cookies will be hung on a tree. I’m thrilled to see that!


  • luchilovescakes1 said:

    I love your fondant it looks so smooth and silky.
    is this set for a wedding?? beautiful

  • Cake Girl by Hyeyoung Kim said:

    Yes.. they are for wedding. I’m thinking five different designs for a wedding. My fondant looks smooth? Thanks.. I’m just saying marshmallow fondant is goood.. it’s cheaper, tastes better than commercial fondant.

  • ^^Caramello^^ said:

    lovely..love the pinky big heart..beautiful..

  • Sugarbloom Bev said:

    I ADORE your work!!! Sensational!

  • cupcake with love said: