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Only My Heart to Give: The Story of Olivia Bookman and Daniel Newton (The Elusive Groom)

11 August 2017 3 Comments

Daniel Newton is despondent after losing his beloved wife. She left him a son, but he’s unable to cope with taking care of the boy, or even himself. He’s slowly giving up on life when Oliva Bookman, the new headmistress of his son’s school, arrives from Dover. He thinks she’s bossy, while she says he’s an irresponsible father, but the fireworks between them reveal a far warmer flame than either of them expected. All the whole, the town still searches for the missing groom of Honora Carson. Surely some clue will lead to him soon… The Elusive Groom series follows the incredible journey of Bride-to-be, Honora Carson, in her search for her missing groom. On arrival in Glendive, Montana, as a mail order bride, she is shocked to discover that Titus, her intended, has disappeared without explanation. Honara’s determined journey to find him takes her on a roller coaster ride of romance, where she finds herself embroiled in more than one love story along the way, before finally completing her own! Each book in the series is a wonderful standalone story, and also part of a larger story that spans the whole series.

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