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“Bridal Veil Creek”

8 September 2019 67 Comments


  • oceanic chicken said:

    lovely long exposure !!!!
    Thanks for stopping by
    …-Wink’s Place-…

  • EarlyCat79 said:

    Awesome exposure. The movement of the water is captured perfectly and I really like the shine on the rocks and the greens.

  • leaky_tiki said:

    Wow! Your moving water shots never cease to amaze me! Great job!

  • ?MomZeeJen?GaLLeRiA JeNeSiS? said:

    Fantastic LE shot!
    Such a refreshing image… makes me want to take a dip!
    Have a great weekend Kurt!

  • Shadyezz said:

    a fabulous shot 🙂

  • tomas teneketzis said:

    Really fantastic!!

  • Christine81566 said:

    wow…this is absolutely gorgeous. great greens…awesome water!

  • lilu77 said:

    beautiful place, and great photo, as usual =)

  • Tabby Fan said:

    Have a great weekend, Kurt. Looking forward to seeing your pictures of your hikes. Thanks for your compliments on my bokeh.

    Such a nice soft effect in this one.

  • Mister Blur said:

    your long-exposure shot are just perfect
    have a nice weekend, my friend

  • MACJONNHY said:


  • LemzKi c,") said:

    photography at its best..

  • jjs08 said:

    Another stunning waterfall capture!
    You are invited to join this group

    Cold Tone (1)
    Please tag this with " Inspired by your BEAUTY"

  • altamons said:

    I am in awe!!! What great work here!!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  • ?MomZeeJen?GaLLeRiA JeNeSiS? said:

    So refreshing!
    Nice LE!

  • Pingu1963 said:

    Wonderful shot, the movement of the water is so beautiful!

  • 2blueyeboyz said:

    Love the flow of the water, so peaceful!