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Always the Groomsman

13 September 2018 3 Comments

He’s my best friend’s best man, and I hate him.
So… why do I keep wanting to kiss him?

Weddings used to be fun… but then I had to be a groomsman in one. Then two. And now ten. The last place I want to be right now is in this Nowhereville, Idaho small town for my friend’s wedding, still single, and still a groomsman, yet again. And even worse: the best man, Sebastian, makes my blood run hot.

Sebastian is a charming, energetic social butterfly–in other words, he’s exactly the opposite of me. I just got dumped by my ex-boyfriend, and right now what I want is time alone. The last thing I need is some over-eager small-town guy to be constantly flitting around me, trying to get me to participate in bachelor party festivities.

But Sebastian isn’t afraid to challenge me. And some primal part of me loves every minute of it.

When he shows up at my hotel room on the night of the bachelor party, hot and desperate, I can’t say no to him. Suddenly, it’s like fire when we’re together, and I can’t keep my hands off of him.

But I can’t ever be with him. The other groomsmen don’t know we’ve been ending up in each other’s beds. And besides, he’s a small-town guy, and I live and breathe the city. I can’t commit to anything, and Sebastian could have any other guy he wanted. Am I destined to forever be just a groomsman, never the star of my own show?

Always the Groomsman is a 78,000-word gay romance novel, complete with a jaded city slicker, a small-town guy with a heart of gold, and a friendly little pug named Jelly. There’s plenty of steam, sleeping-bag cuddling on camping trips, small-town charm in the middle of nowhere, and a happily-ever-after ending.

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