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Quiz Results: You Are A Wedding Planners Dream

Wedding planners encounter 3 types of brides. Those who care too little, wait till the last minute and leave all the decision-making to someone else; those who care too much, have every detail mapped out and adopt a Snap And It Will Happen policy; and finally there’s you. Your notebook full of menus, swatches and price quotes in one hand; a calculator and white-out in the other. You’re an organized bride with a plan and you don’t mind putting in the effort to achieve it.

In dealing with people, you are clear and decisive about what you want but you’re not likely to have a hernia when the Officiant mispronounces your name through the entire ceremony. You strike the right balance between making sure everything is perfect and realizing that Earth doesn’t stop turning on that day.

Unlike the Bridezilla, your fanciful visions of a dream wedding do not render you oblivious to the two other principal factors – the groom and the wallet. Your husband-to-be gets to have “Hells Bells” played during the recessional and your dad made it to the big day without cutting up your credit card. Here’s to you for making everyone happy!