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Quiz Results: You Are An Official Bridezilla

While you might think of your wedding day as the most important day of your entire life, your vendors refer to it as D-Day. Unfortunately, creating your perfect day is not just stressful for the caterer and florist; it usually ends up being one of the most taxing and demanding days for you. It takes serious energy to bark orders and play the puppet master!

Bridezillas usually fall in to 2 categories: those who actually have all of their bases covered, paid in full, no stone left unturned; and those that think they have their bases covered and wait for everyone else to make it happen. Regardless of which Bridezilla you are, your reaction to a slip-up can be detrimental to the mood of the entire event.

True, your wedding should be everything you dreamed of. But before you blow your lid at the smallest deviation from THE PLAN, keep a few things in mind. While it is your day, there’s also that other person involved that is agreeing to spend the rest of his life with you. Then there’s the person that’s helping you pay for it all. There’s the people that bought plane tickets and took off work to attend and the people that are laboring behind the scenes, desperately trying to make you happy. So take a deep breath, show your gratitude and relax. The world actually doesn’t stop turning on that day.