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Quiz Results: You Are A Backyard Bride

The formalities of a traditional wedding either bore you or are simply too far over your head to apply. While some might think you’ve just never attended a real wedding before, you’re actually creating your perfect event by letting the chips fall where they may. The great news is – while every bride wants her wedding to be “stress-free,” yours is the only one that actually is… for you.

Your carefree attitude can put a twinkle in the eye of any Bridezilla-weary Caterer or Florist, but it leaves the rest of us wondering just where the heck this nuptial joyride is going? Your disregard for tradition baffles your guests. Your indecision leaves your planner scrambling. Somehow for you, everything is smooth sailing.

It is YOUR wedding however and you have as much right to be unconventional or blasé as the Bridezilla has to dictate every detail. For you my dear bride, might we suggest a simple backyard soiree?   That is of course, if you don’t elope in the mean time 🙂