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Quiz: Are YOU A Bridezilla?

Your Groom insists that he and his Groomsmen wear Converse All Stars beneath their tuxedos. You insist:

Not a chance in his life! This is a formal affair and my Grandmother would have a heart attack.

As long as they match your colors, the Chuck Taylors are in.

Great idea! Let’s get matching pink ones for the Bridesmaids!

The Florist calls you 2 days before the big day to tell you that a storm wiped out their flower supply and all they have left are carnations and baby’s breath. You:

Rush to all the Costco’s in your area to buy out their entire rose stock. Call up your bridesmaids and throw a last-minute flower arranging party.

Tell them to make do and not worry about it. It’ll be just like prom!

March straight to the florist shop and tell them you don’t care if they have to fly to Hawaii and back – You will have orchids at your wedding! Immediately go home and notify the Better Business Bureau.

Your Maid of Honor gets pregnant 8 months before your wedding. You:

Relieve her of her Duties. You need a Maid of Honor who can actually party at the bachelorette party and the bridesmaid dress won’t fit her now anyway.

Change your entire color scheme to match her most comfortable maternity moo moo.

Schedule her a dress fitting for 2 days before the wedding and call your caterer to order a supply of sparkling cider.

Your new Brother-in-law brings his younger, hotter girlfriend to your wedding and, armed with little common sense, she arrives wearing a long, strapless white dress. You:

Compliment her on her White Dress twice. Tell each of your bridesmaids to do the same. She’s gotta take a hint right?

Send a Bridesmaid on a hunt for an oversized floral pattern dress to be made ready for when you “accidentally” spill a glass of red wine all over her white dress. How dare she anyway!

Grab her and the photographer for your own private photo shoot. Look! We’re Twins!

Your photographer refuses to keep shooting unless Aunt Matilda stops taking pictures over his shoulder and overexposing his shots with her camera flash. You:

Tell the photographer to ignore her. She’s a little bit senile and means no harm.

Pull Aunt Matilda aside and tell her there will be a special photo-taking session for the family later.

Confiscate her camera and warn the rest of the guests not to ruin your photos like Aunt Matilda just did.

Money’s tight and you are forced to decide between that 6-tier fondant dream cake modeled after Nick and Jessica’s, or appeasing your Groom by hiring the overpriced band, Scrantonicity 3, to play the reception. You decide to:

Convince your Groom that the cake will make or break the entire reception. Secretly hire a DJ.

Can both ideas. If it’s this much stress then sheet cake and a boom box will do.

Hire the band and go with a 3-tierd Buttercream cake. It may not look like a work of art but at least it’ll taste good.

When shopping for the perfect gown, You expect:

Wine and cheese for your entourage, Vera Wang on speed-dial and a cross-referenced database of other Brides within a 100 mile radius that might have your same dress.

A place for your mom to sit, an attendant to bring you dresses and plenty of mirrors.

To get in and get out. First dress that doesn’t make your butt look big is a keeper!

Your Flower Girl has a last minute bout of stage fright and refuses to walk down the aisle with the ring bearer. You:

Run down the aisle real quick to escort her to a seat, then run back to get ready for the processional.

Duck-tape her hand to the ring bearer’s hand and tell her she won’t get any cake unless she starts acting like a REAL Flower Girl.

Let a Bridesmaid carry her down the aisle. Teary-eyed or not, the show must go on.