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17 September 2019 12 Comments

… a lovely award and a wonderful movie. You’d do yourself a favor if you rented this movie for an evening. I belong to Netflix and watched it on my PC.

It’s simply the story of a wedding in India, detailing all the problems with the customs of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world crashing violently into the twenty-first century of "one world" mores and attitudes.

The primary wedding is extremely complicated and intriguing, but the secondary wedding, involving the events director for the wedding and a maid in the bride’s home is even more interesting, as they meet, fall in love and are married at about the same time as our leading characters. I’ll have more later here from Wikipedia.

Even in the lives and conversations of the people you see the mix and clash.

The imaging in the movie is fabulous. The people live and breathe and if you’re like me, you’ll see much of your own family’s dynamics here. This is a beautiful blend of four generations congregating for what in all cultures is a blessed event…a wedding.

Rent and enjoy.


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    very nice.

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    Great sound track as well.

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    I have seen this movie and enjoyed it very much!

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    wow! wonderful award!!!

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