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Have I mentioned I like to jump off stuff?

17 May 2019 57 Comments

I like that shadow-against-the-sky thing.

Hey look, there were snowflakes! Can you believe it?


  • mihay said:

    great shot!

  • { Planet Adventure } said:


  • kamilegs7 said:

    i think its crazy that there is a shadow behind you! it almost makes it look like a fake back ground and it looks awesome!

  • well-groomed soup said:

    This photo wins
    Tio’s Seal of Approval!

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    Tio’s “Seal of Approval”

  • A girl and her dog said:

    Amazing photo!

  • sharwest said:

    this totally rocks!

  • monkeyofhope said:

    I love jump-pics. great!